Garage Door Repair Services

A properly functioning garage door is critical to the upkeep and security of your home. It is something you use every day and if it is damaged or broken, it can really impact the security of your home. A broken or damaged garage door can also hurt the value of your home if you are trying to sell it.

There are many ways in which you garage door can be damaged or broken. It could be that the tracking is worn out, rusted or broken. Or the weatherstripping may need replacement. It could even be that the door itself is damaged.

Whatever be the case, if you need to have your garage doors repaired and you live in the Maryland area, then you have come to the right place. We are the go-to guys for all issues related to garage doors.

Our Services

We offer you the following services for your garage doors:

Spring Repair

One of the most common that needs repair or replacing quite often is the garage door spring. This small little component is critical to the smooth functioning of your garage door. It is this little component that takes the torque out of your garage door, thereby making that heavy door easy to lift and open. If your garage door spring is broken, it will be really hard, if not impossible to life your garage door. It’s also a good idea to get torsion spring replaced regularly – before it breaks. Thus, if you need a garage door spring replacement or even a garage door spring repair, just give us a call and one of your experienced technicians will be right over to take care of things for you.

Opener Repair

A garage door opener is another component that can break down and need repairing or replacement. One of the main reasons why your opener will not work is that the torsion spring is broken or damaged. Springs are rated for a limited number of cycles. However, that is just one possibility. There are many other reasons why your garage door opener is not working. For example, the opener’s photo eye could be blocked, its power source has been somehow disrupted, there is remote control malfunction, there are snapped or loose cables, the extension spring is broken, etc. The list is long. Whatever be the case, despite all the DIY videos and tutorials online, we would highly recommend you not trying to fix your door opener yourself. It is a highly technical job and a dangerous one which could cause serious injury if done incorrectly.

Cable Replacement

Another reason why your garage door may not be working properly is because your garage door cable came off. Sometimes, just like a bicycle sprocket, the garage door cable can also come off. Frequently, when the torsion spring is damaged or broken, the cable will snap. It is a sudden snap that can cause damage to the garage wall or the vehicle inside the garage. And if a person happens to be in the way, then that snapping cable can cause serious harm. Therefore, once again, if you need garage door cable repair, please call the professionals.

Roller Replacement

Another issue that you can face with your garage door roller. If the door is off track then it will not slide properly, making it difficult to open or close the garage door. If you feel that there is any kind of resistance when you try to open or close the door, check the roller track for any damage, such as bends, bumps, obstacles or gaps. Another indication that you might need to look at the option of getting a garage door roller replacement is when you try to move your garage door and there are squeaks or other noises and/or resistance.

Panel Replacement

Another common problem that you might face is with the garage door panel. The exterior of the garage is most vulnerable to damage. This is the part that you see from the outside when the garage door is closed. Sometimes, it is possible to replace just one garage door panel instead of the entire door. You can also opt for your garage door panel replacement if the panel is weathered, old or is simply unattractive due to wear and tear. However, the decision to replace a garage door panel should be made carefully. A lot of times, the damage that you can see on the exterior will hide a bigger problem on the inside. The challenge with replacing only one single panel is that each of the door parts have been designed to fit into one another, measured and weighed so that each part fits into the whole. Therefore, by replacing just one part of the door, you could be compromising with the structural integrity of the door or even with the security of your home. If your garage is more like a shed, then you can consider replacing just the panel. However, if it is attached to your home, or is visible from the street, for security as well as aesthetic reasons, it might be a better idea to get the entire door replaced.

Off Track Repair

If your garage door is off track, then you would need to get the track repaired to ensure the proper functioning of the door. And if this does happen to your garage door, then please stop operating it immediately. If you continue using the door, it could sustain serious damage that would require the entire unit being replaced. What you need to do here is call us so that one of our experienced garage technicians can come and put it back on track. An off-track garage door is downright dangerous so it would not be a good idea to try and put it back on track yourself. Our technicians are trained in identifying what the issue is because of which the door went off-track. This means checking the tracks for damage, evaluating and adjusting the track as well as garage door roller alignment, cleaning and lubricating the door tracks and conducting a thorough evaluation of the entire system to ensure that there aren’t any underlying issues.

We know that having a damaged or broken garage door is not just an inconvenience. It is a threat to the security of your home and it can also be a danger to you and your family.

Which is why we employ only the best professionally trained garage door technicians who come to your home with trucks fully stocked with the best quality parts. This means that our technicians will have all the necessary parts on hand to finish the job as soon as possible for you.

Our aim is to ensure that you not only get the best products from us, but you also get the best service from us. Thus, our technicians, after conducting a thorough inspection of your garage door, will offer you the best options for you, based on cost effectiveness, security as well as best value to you. Our technicians also understand that you may have constraints and are willing to customize solutions that will work best for you. So, if you need some help with your garage door repairs, give us call. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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